New Steam voice codec messes up microphone

I have this problem at the moment and want other people who encounter lag / sound getting cut off while using microphone write in this thread about it. I’ve had talk with few people who blame the Skype’s SILK codec being used in Steam, as for me my microphone can only work in source games if an admin sets sv_use_steam_voice to 0, otherwise my mic lags like hell and I’m unable to use it.

I wish this problem could be fixed, tried to contact Steam support but they only blamed hardware of my computer (I have lots of sound cards in my shelf and the problem still appears.

I have had many a complaint in the server i manage for this happening to a number of players, although i have not tested the convar you list in the thread i will be sure to do so when i can.

Does anyone know what this change will do to the server in terms of what it will then attempt to use the old system? etc.

It changes the Skype codec back to old one, so everything should still work fine.

The problem isn’t the Skype codec it is the user who is using it. It could be hardware, software, a device, your network speed.

Can’t be any of those since I’ve tested and changed everything.

My experience with all servers is that the codec is wayy shittier than valve was using before

Quality wise it’s better. However it causes more choke.

I have the same issue, and I’ve used 3 different microphones, so it’s definitely a driver inconsistency on my end.

Really wish they just kept the old codec, our server has nothing but problems.