New Stuff ingame :D

Hi…guys i Know Im New her But The Game Pulled me as Soon as i Saw it And i Have Some Ideas To improve a little Bit
1- Make people Be able to dig holes that bring’s Us to a Blue print For a (shovel)
2-with the first point i think it needs tunnels which need lighting that bring’s us to a blue print of a tunnel light that needs wires
3-Cars or other kinds of vehicles with tunnels you could dig up oil or build a motors to suck up the oil and to other motors for the cars
4-radiation suit blue print and radiation Bombs small ones to make players get out of ther homes it kills them slowly but has no long effect
5-(Traps) not for players but for animals you leave it and over time it gets them
6- a F$@# (Dog) :smiley: as a combat combat companion it some time’s dissarms for 2 Sec’s
7-Combat knife’s they are faster than axe’s and Can apply poisons on them
8-( **barrel bombs )as it stands out barrels have no use to them in game some make them as barrel bombs to blow up Wooden home’s
9-implement a steel fence and as i said with motors we can put them to make (
electric fence **)

larger variety of weapons would be highly liked too

Seems like a cool list(: I dunno how hard to implement digging would be though.

good, but the game is at alpha right now D: