New suggestions for XP system

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to this forum, but I really would like to show some of my suggestions for an even better implementation of the new XP system. I’ve already done some research and I wasn’t able to find any of these suggestions somewhere on the forum. Could you guys let me know if you like the idea (or some of them) and maybe tell me where I can post them so that Garry and the guys will see them as well.

For people who have not played in the dev yet; there are two DIFFERENT types of XP: A. XP you get and you can spend on unlocking stuff. B. XP you get to reach higher levels.

  1. It would be great if a XP (B) multiplier is added to your livespan. Meaning that how longer you will live, the more XP you will receive from farming (ONLY FOR FARMING). So the multiplier will not give you extra XP for killing people and will not give you extra XP for crafting. This means that people are more likely to go out and are more cautious when they are outside. Sleeping will not increase the multiplier. But as example; if you just spawn you will get 1 XP per hit of a tree, if you are alive for 1 rust day you will get 1.1 XP, 2 rust days 1.2, etc. (in terms of XP for becoming a higher lvl)

  2. Maybe it is possible to implement a system where you can buy the things that you can’t buy because of your level. So at the moment you have to wait until you are the corresponding level and then you can spend the XP (A) needed. It would be awesome if you have a multiplier (3 or so) per level. I will explain it with an example:
    You are able to buy the pistol bullet at level 16. If you reach level 16 it costs 3 XP (A). But you can buy it at level 1 but then it costs 3*(16 levels * 3 multiplier ratio) = 144 XP (A). You still need to unlock the gun powder before you can make this which is unlockable at level 10 with 3 XP as well. Meaning that you need like 200 XP just to be able to make the pistol bullet at level 1. But you will be level 15 if you have gathered 200 XP meaning that you will never be able to buy the pistol bullet at level 1.

But you will be able to buy the pistol bullet at level 10 where is costs 3 XP (gun powder) + 36 levels3= 57 XP. This means that you have to spend all of your XP just to have the pistol bullet. And then you’re still unable to make a simple stone hatchet.

It will give people more freedom to get the stuff that they want, but buying high tier stuff in very early game will also make you very vulnerable for other players.

  1. Make locks a higher level item. It asks people to be more inventive. And it will make barrels at rad towns just as valuable as they were, because they will spawn those locks.

  2. I don’t know if this is already the case; but bears and wolves should give more XP than other animals.

  3. And just to stay in terms of other opinions all around this forum. Make it such that higher level players have longer hair. That will make you recognize them from longer distances. (OR if you like point 1, then apply it to point 1. If someone survives a long time, then he will get a longer beard.)

  4. And as last: the amount of stuff you can carry. Maybe it is an idea that you are able to carry more than the 1000 units (wood, stone, ores, sulfur, etc.) when you reach higher levels. So level 10 = 1100 units, level 20 = 1200 units, etc. Wooden chests are still able to have 1000 units (then it is your problem how to store it in your home!). Maybe even with higher tier chests which can carry higher amount of units as well.

  5. Okay, sorry, this is the last one!:wink: The higher your level, the faster you gather. So level 1-10 is gathering speed 25 stones per hit (with hatchet), level 10-20 is 30 stones per hit. (or something like that)

Thank you for reading, sorry for the long post!

I really like the first Idea this would be something that rewards players which care about their life,

  1. Idea is honestly bullshit, back in early 2015 the codelock was a BP that you had to aquire as BP first, and that was a hella retarded time, No one did build a base before they found the BP for it.

I would say the XP multiplier would come from farming and not staying AFK in his own base just to have the bonus. But why not

Really good idea. I hope to see more flexibility in this early XP system because I don’t like it that much for now.

Not sure why ppl are so pushy with this weird idea. The living time would be a logical solution indeed, but I would say: “add barber shops then !”.


The carrying thing is really good, but the farming speed will wide even more the gap between new and high level players…

Thanks for your comments!

Maybe that is true, but you really should try out the dev stage of rust. The locks are bugged so they are a hell to get. Yesterday I found a key lock and I was almost running through my house of happiness while my girlfriend was looking like: He is retarted. I’ve not been raided before, because I used my knowledge and fantasy to build a good design. Now I’m even more secure with this code lock. (When you look at my luck I will probably arrive home after work today finding my base raided)

Yeah! That would be a great addition for point 1! It should be better if someone goes out instead of staying in his home. This way it would even be possible to bring the pumpjacks back. If you’re about to run your quarry with a pump jack than it would be at a certain point where farming would be much more valuable (unless you get killed every second). I’m liking my idea even more now xD :v:

And hair is indeed a little bit strange. But I think it would really work out to see whether a noob is standing 100 m ahead of you or the level 100 xxBitchXxkillingdemonswhatsoever. And that not only by his/her gear!

The hair idea has been mentioned several times, 10,000 times on reddit, still a good idea though but people generally wear face coverings so long beards are going to be a problem with the current facial covering models. So I can’t see beards getting that long unless Face Punch redoes all the facial covering models.

According to last dev blog I believe they’re working on beards and stuff. But this will probably be as random as the gender and race placement. Just because it makes you recognizable for someone after killing him multiple times. In that way you have to wear certain masks to cover yourself.

I have some additions for the initial post:
So I started yesterday playing on a certain pre release server when suddenly the server was disconnected. Luckily it was the new update where the new metabolism and some additions to the XP system were added. I felt horrible, because the server I was playing on (one of FacePunch) wasn’t updated directly after.

Nevertheless I found some shelter in one of the other servers and got into the new XP system. The lock were back and I had to start all over at level 1. It was actually really hard to survive, because the first weapon; a spear, can only be unlocked after level 4. I got some wood, a little bit of stone and made myself a spear and stone pickaxe. Luckily I was able to find a horse walking by and I threw my spear at him. The horse survived and started to run like his friends were celebrating his birthday on the other side of the map while he was still at me. With some luck (again) he stopped running and I was able to hit him with my stone hatchet (because my spear was still his 5th leg).

I got myself some chicken meat (from a horse) and cooked it. Before my health bar reached 5 I was finally able to start all over again with the spare resources I had left in my pocket. And there I go; collecting, crafting, farming and all over again until I reached the mighty level 8. I was full of resources and I wanted to build myself a nice home. I got myself 4 foundations, 7 walls and a doorway when all of the sudden a crash report came into my screen.

Okay that was part of a nice story I wanted to tell you guys, but what I actually was telling you:

  • I had a lot of luck in surviving the new metabolism. There were so many changes for me to go wrong and to get killed before I even had the change to actually live. I really like the new metabolism, but it should be just a little bit easier by getting more animals or by increasing the amount of health/food you start with. This is only with respect to the new XP system, because I think it will work out fine with the BP system, where you can make weapons right away.

And maybe it would be a little bit better if the you’re leveling a bit faster after level 10 (because it is quite hard after some time) and get less XP points (so it is harder to get some stuff). (but that is just my opinion)

This just happened again. Again with the making of a home. How is this possible?