New Super Mario Bros. PC

It is my plan to create a gamemode of New Super Mario Brothers (Wii-style) for PC, using Garrysmod.
I will release some of the progress as I continue. It is not yet known if I will continue the work on this, but right now, I want to. I am having trouble making the Fire/Ice balls, but those will be working before I finish the release.

If you have any ideas, for levels, abilities, worlds, etc… please share.

I can’t make it a gamemode until I figure out how to get ANY gamemodes or addons working. It will not be 3D; at least, not mainly. For this project, however, I will need a Mario player model, Luigi, two Toads, and MAYBE all of the enemies (goombas, such as koopa troopas). I might enable competitive gameplay, where some players play as the enemies. If I do that, it will be similar to Left 4 Dead, where you select your spawn as a ghost (invisible to the main players). If you have any music that you want in the game, and it fits the Mario theme, please inform me. I will find them, and I will include them. If they are regular songs, I will only do as many as i have bosses. Thank you for reading, now it is time for me to get back to work.

That is a lot of text… but

Big Images!

I can make player-controlled enemies without player models. All I need to do is allow the players to control the NPCs.

Boss #1: Mega Goomba (I will make it difficult)
They are HUGE! But that doesn’t make them any more difficult here, besides for the usual reasons.

Nice idea.
I wanted to do the same, but in 3d and based on a really old mario game ( The first mario game for the NES ) for co-op with up to 10 players.
I ended up not being able to do that because of no supporters ( Mappers pc broke, I know no modellers who would help me and nobody who would make the textures ).

if you make it i will let you make love to me

[SUB]Happy New Year tomorrow.
Here is the Alpha version of Mario’s jumping power.
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I will upload a basic map in the coming days. It will feature custom models/textures. It may feature NPCs.

I’m not going to intentionally double post here.
I need to buy a game, or… download it some other way… if I want to do my newest idea: Take a 2D Mario, and make it 3D. (Super Mario Land 2, for Gameboy) I would remake it in full color.

By 2D, I don’t mean side scroller, I mean that it does not use 3D models like NSMBWii.

This is an INCREDIBLE amount of work. 1: Don’t expect it to be done any sooner than the SSMB models, 2: or any time soon… at all.[/SUB]

Okay, I guess I will double post once. This thread fell fast, but I would enjoy some recommendations. I can give you the progress so far, on particles, and some ideas for scripting.

25 = 1 hit, player or npc
Fireball will ignite enemies, until their health has dropped 25 points. It will divide by 25, round, then set health to that times 25.
Boss Health will varry...   First boss is going to be 2 Mega Goombas, or one + an army of respawning goombas.
Those will turn into 2 grand goombas when hit, and those into 2 regular goombas when hit, each.
Other bosses will take 3, 5, or 7 hits. The final boss will take no hits, but needs to be planned.

        Partices        Names
mini = 1        100%        LandMini & LPoundMini
small = 2        100%        LandSmall & LPoundSmall
tall = 3        100%        LandTall & LPoundTall
Ice = 4        100%        IceBall & IceImpact
Rabbit = 5     100%        DustFloorFast every flap
Fire = 6        100%        Fireball & FireBallHit
Super = 7        100%        SuperBall & SuperBallCol
proppeller = 8    100%        DustFloor
BEE = 9        100%        DustFloorBee
MEGA = 10    100%        LandMega & LPoundMega

Super Balls: 1 at a time, lasts 4 seconds. Instant kill.
Fire/Ice delete when invisible for 2 seconds, or if they hit a wall(More than 45deg)/Enemy.
Fire: 25 DMG, Ice: 0 DMG; instant kill to fire.

Fireballs: get 1 per second, or 2 after 2 seconds. Same for Ice.
You only get 2 Fire/Ice balls to throw, at any time. Infinite, if they dissappear instantly.
So... add 1 if 1 dissappears.

If 1 has been added, set a local so that you won't get another when it dies.

mini pound = 15 DMG. mini jump = 5 DMG.
small pound = 50 DMG. small jump = 25 DMG.
tall pound = 50 DMG. tall jump = 25 DMG.
mega jump = 420 DMG. mega should not pound, or even need to, but 840 DMG.

25 DMG JUMP for:
    small, tall
50 DMG POUND for:
    small, tall
    Proppeller. 75 for drill.
mini should not kill, but 15 for pound makes it possible.

I hope you know the names of the enemies. 50 for pound, for koopa troopas. It really should be 75, for the flying ones.
I would like level ideas, themes, etc, a preference for sidescroller or 3D, and a theme for the main world, or worlds. (Worlds: 8 of them, a 9th one is possible, as a bonus.)

Any questions, please ask.
Rabbit is hovering, with some drop. Super is super balls, which bounce 100%, always, and are instant kills to everything, even bosses. They won’t be available any time soon before a boss. Bee is like the bee in SMGalaxy, except I might add the ability to launch your stinger for 25 DMG or 5 or 15 DMG.

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Okay, I think I have a problem, besides that Garry’s Mod simply CRASHES every time I try to load a level… on sandbox… but, this problem is that I don’t think I will be able to make the 2D camera view:
“… Orthographic mode seems to break the screen, no error however.”

Hey, I want examples here. If I can get Garry’s Mod working again, I want some possible names if I made a Sandbox mode, too. Right now, I have came up with these:
Mushroom will be labeled: Mushoom or Mushum;
Fire Flowers will be labeled: Fuir Flowah
Ice Flowers will be labeled: Ois Flowah, Oic Flowah, or ‘Eyes Flower’
Super Flowers will be labeled: “Suppa Duppa”
Helicopter Mushrooms will be labeled: Heliko Mushums
Penguins will be labeled: Pengin Soot
Bee Mushrooms will be labeled: Buzza Flowah
Ghost Mushroom, replacing rabbit, will be labeled: Boomer
Mini Mushroom: Shrink Ray
MEGA Mushroom: Clobbering Time

I think that covers it all, if these are the Mario powers I will have:
[SUB]mini[/SUB], [SUP]Small[/SUP], Tall, Ice thrower, Ghost, Fire thrower, Super thrower, Propeller/Helicopter, Bee, and MEGA!

Well, for now I am just going to work on making a HUD, or two, one for 2D and one for 3D might be possible.

To get the addon to work properly, rename info.txt to addon.txt, or info to addon, for Mario’s jump.

Here is a rough estimate as to how the HUD will look:
I won’t post that here since most PCs won’t be able to see all of it without scrolling, so I will instead post the smaller, black-background picture:

Okay, darn. This is going to take me at least a year to make. I basically have to program the entire game from practical scratch. If someone would work on this instead, I would have a couple of things to switch between working on, instead of working 24/7 at all available time on this.

On a lighter note, how does my HUD look? That is the only reason I bumped this thread.

That hud looks incredibly intrustive

iirc most mario games kept elements primarily up top, since there’s a lot on the bottom that can’t do with visual obstruction

Would you rather I put the time limit and the # of lives at the bottom? But for that matter, consider Super Mario Galaxy’s HUD:

It takes up more of the screen than the New Super Mario Bros. Wii HUD:

This HUD is more for 3D levels. Items on the HUD may shrink, however. For 2D levels, I haven’t designed a HUD yet.

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In fact, all items will shrink. I’m not sure why I made them that big.

Well, in lieu of a double post, I must say that I did purchase Super Mario Land 2 for gameboy, and a gameboy, so I will probably be remaking that in 3D.

No you wont

Uhm… why not?

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I can use the Mario Wii and Mario Galaxy models to do most of it.

They’re models, I’m pretty sure he was doubting your ability to code this. I know I am for sure.

I had the ability before my accident. I might not have the ability right now, but since the accident I’ve pretty much started life new, but with memories from ages 3 to 17.

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3 or 4.


I really want to code it! I just may need help with programming NPCs, I would’ve needed help there before my traumatic brain injury.

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Well, I’ll probably need more help, but for everything I can, I will go to the official wiki or the maurits wiki. I don’t like the official one because maurits offers other data you might want to use a function on that function’s page. IE: A link to IN_KEYS can be found on every key-related function’s page.


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Thanks for sharing

please continue to shower us in updates, you’re very entertaining.

Just really really curious, isn’t remaking a game for another game considered illegal? Might be wrong here, for all intents and purposes, but I mean if you’re taking Super Mario Land 2 (which is copyrighted) and making it into 3d format in Garry’s Mod (or whatever game I suppose) you could get sued out the ying yang? Sorry if I’m being stupid also, really early and probably not thinking straight when I post this.

I’m sure your right but I find it vary unlikely that he’s going to finish the gamemode.

Not if I change the name, which I plan on doing. But I have already done SOO many illegal things in my life… I’ve played a ‘game’ with my Psychologist, using a hook up that reads signals from specific parts of my brain, called “Chomper” which is almost exactly like “Puck” Man. (pac man)