New tank

Getting a little better at putting things together from scratch now, so i thought i would post this. It drives around just fine, but doesnt have a working turret yet. Hoping to use this for ACF so if anyone could point me in the direction of a turret tutorial or something i would appreciate it. Ill add some more pics one i get it detailed also, its kinda plain right now. I might add plate armor down the sides like i did the turret but im not sure yet.

Probably not thread worthy so im going to throw this in here. I have alot of fun with this. Its forcer driven no homo balls or anything. It uses thrusters to drive it and it handles pretty well. If you dont know what this is then you need to get out of the osama cave.

Like the landspeeder… but no offense but dont you think TANKS is a little overdone I mean I could scroll threw all the pages and find like 1000 tanks and 2 orginal contraptions… I would love to see other things than just tanks, (But I do love the landspeeder)

No doubt you are correct about there being alot, but what else should i build to fight other tanks?

Averahe tank, but lol at the speeder, tis technically shit, but I still like it - then again, I am a starwars fanboy :-p

the land speeder was great, I’ve never seen one in gmod before

Well since everyone seems to like the land speeder more here are some other i made. I didnt spend much time on these, i was just bored one night.

Tie Interceptor

Tie bomber

That’s pretty freaking awesome just neads download

What do you want a download of? I can probably make it available.


Sorry, didnt mean to hijack.

(User was banned for this post ("Thread hijacking. Make your own thread." - Benji))

He’s asking for a dupe…


…Also that landspeeder is fucking sexy.

yeah i know he does, just wasnt sure which contraption he wanted a dupe of. Thanks for the comments!!

The tank’s way too bland. :frowning: I liked the speeder a bit, altough you used phx plates which is a minge stamp aswell as an ugly asset to whatever you build. Go for tiles. Tiles!

Nice thread hijack Blaylock
That thing is pretty fucking sweet

And lol at the tank, it’s like what I duplicate for a divebombing target =P