New terrain looks AMAZING, however at the expense of performance

So today, after I read the devblog, I jumped on the dev branch to take a look for myself at the new terrain. And I’ve got to say, the new terrain looks absolutely AMAZING. However, I agree with Garry’s decision to postpone the update. Besides the numerous bugs and the map taking forever to load, the FPS took a HUGE hit. I used to get like 25-30 fps (playable), now I get like 10-12 fps (unplayable). The devs really need to focus on optimization this week. I don’t think my Intel HD Graphics Card can handle anymore of it. :suicide:

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Is anyone else getting lower performance on the dev branch?

well, poligon count skyrocketed with the amount of rocks and new terrain things this week…
i supose they are gona need to improve it a lot before this goes to live…

maybe removing the poligons that are underground… if you roam a map as admin you can see that there is a SHIET TON of unnneded underground poligons that my video card has to calculate…
Also most of this rocks are rendered even further away than the view distance (max 2500) for some reason…

Just give them some time to optimize all this things…

Im preety sure performace is not going to improve from prev week… maybe if they fix the video lag and freezes each time you are in a assault rifle shoting, but besides that… all terrain improvements WILL have a sirious impact on performance, no mater how much they optimize it.

So… does that mean they are going to try improving performance?

yeah fps is a big problem with this game i get a stable 68fps then for no reason it drops to 24 then crashes happens 80%of the time when i go to my base or a random part of the map it sucks makes me not want to play any more last patch i was getting blue screen memory dumps only with this game not getting that any more when new patch came i just crash game freeeeezes up same with my friends they have amd cards same as me

I’ve noticed that whenever I open my inventory, it gets a bit laggy.

the beta: dev is a lot worse in FPS wise… they may have fixed the shader with weapons, but i was checking tweeter and they disable it… so my guess would be it doesn’t work as intended (yet)

Profiling/Performance Reporting means, now we have something that REPORTS beter stadistics, but nothing is fixed or improved yet…
with a bit of luck they will get some usefull info from those stadistics and improve something, but it wont be this week.

Yeah, I was talking about the dev branch

Same here. I have been getting constant blue screen errors within the last week. I also run an AMD card. I experience these lag spells like what you are describing randomly that bring my fps down to 1-5 and it lasts a few seconds or longer. When I am in my very large base area, I get 10-20. Usually If I’m running around, not right next to bases get a solid 45-55.

Just want to say that over the past few days my performance on the dev branch has greatly improved. Glad to know the devs are working hard to improve framerate. Keep it up.

… was that a joke? Intel HD graphics are for Windows, not for games. If you can run RUST at all I’d consider that a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE success.

I wish it was a joke.

I am impressed your Lenovo runs the game that well.

Even my beast of a system took a graphics hit, I went from 250 and above (no vsync) to 180-210. pretty big hit.

To paraphrase Spiderman’s uncle: With great terrain comes great FPS hit.

I see they have re-implemented turning grass off, and made it into a slider…

I was getting almost 10 more fps with the grass off.

I hope you realize 250 fps to 180-210 is hardly even a hit. Your render time increased by a single millisecond!

IMHO, a not quite 10fps boost isn’t great. I hope this test remains just a test.

Going from 10 to 20 fps makes a big difference in gameplay. If I can run it at 30+ fps then everything is fairly smooth. Anything under 15 and I end up losing almost any fight I get in where I have to aim.

But there is likely a larger culprit at hand that is sucking up far more FPS.
Allowing a game breaking change to justify a small FPS boost doesn’t seem worth it to me.

Something is choking certain systems, and it is not the grass.

Right now it’s the grass. When I turn grass off my fps goes up. When I turn it back on my fps goes down. This would lead me to the conclusion that grass is affecting my fps.

Hopefully they will figure out a more efficient way to render it, but since they gave everyone the option to turn it off it isn’t game breaking.