[New] The Hood Friendly PVP Server WE BAN HACKERS NO ADMIN ABUSE

There will be no bullshit admin abuse and no hackers on this server. I made this server because I was tired of that nonsense, I just want a fair playing field and to have some fun.

Edit: 1/11/14 1:23PM Central Time We now have the Rust++ mod so you can share doors and do all of the rust++ commands other than the /starter kit.

To join, when in the game, press F1 to open the console
enter net.connect
Have fun

Currently have
5x craft time

Anyone that is hacking will be banned instantly if an admin is online. Please report anyone you think may be hacking.


good server

Awsome server so far alot planned the arena and battles are awsome

Thanks we still have plenty of room for new players! :smiley:

need more people