New things From L4D2's The Passing?

Now that everyone enjoyed the passing campaign and mourn the death of Bill…is it possible to get some new things to port it in gmod
such as

Bride Witch
M60 Machine Gun
Golf Club

Yes, the same way as you would any other L4D models:

And I know this isn’t the L4D forum but still, spoiler tag that shit. Some people haven’t played it yet. :saddowns:

Yeah, like me :frowning:

Anyway, I don’t know why people promote manual ways when gm_mount2 will already be able to mount it. It won’t have a spawn list yet, but all you need to do is go through the browse section.

oh looks awesome, I’ll see what i can do with this thing…

I think Avon is going to update mount2 with the new models

Wierd…I got gm_mount2, installed it…went to gmod setting and selected “left 4 dead 2” and “left 4 dead 2- the passing”…i can see l4d2 props, weapons, etc. but not a single character or weapons or props from the passing…what should i do?

What do you mean?

They don’t automatically appear in the Spawn list, because spawnlists are user-generated.
Use “Spawnmenu/Browse/Left 4 Dead 2 - The passing” and search there. Add them manually to your desired spawnlist.