New to E2 :/

Trying to build a car, what I need is to know:
How to get and use Adv Hud
What actual things in wiremod do I need to use,

What i was thinking was that i use 2 wire wheels in the back and 2 axis wheels in the front on an axis bar. Then a hydralic on one side pulling it in and out to turn. i dont know how to make a rotational turret that would follow my mouse for my adv hud turret though help me with the code.
for my inputs I would put W, A, S, D, and Space, and Mouse1 (I dont know how to incorporate that into E2 only a basic idea) And how to get ADV hud, is it on
Last question:
How do you define hydraulics in E2: Length,Hydraulics,Hydrolics(saw it on a tutorial)

Sorry to ask so much just really excited and want to get into e2 please help me :slight_smile:

You start with this

And then after that, this

And keep this open in your steam browser ALL THE TIME

I mainly learned from other people by watching how they did things and letting them explain it to me.
Tutorial 15.

It’s very basic and pretty old but zeos is pretty good at explaining things.

Doesn’t teach you about mouse aiming turrets or adv hud though. Just basic e2.

Adv hud indicator is in the unofficial wire svn.

All the information is good, just nothing helpful, please someone help me. I just need a basic adv pod to e2 tutorial. I just dont know what Im doing. Ive tried and tried and searched and searched!

My post makes you LEARN E2, not just copy-pasta something.

Ive read this 3 times literally, Im not wanting to copy and paste just wanting to learn a simple part.

Do what we told you to do. Read/watch/listen to some e2 tutorials. There isn’t a specific e2 tutorial for what you’re wanting. There is e2 tutorials, Not “Help me make what i want” tutorials. You have to use your imagination. What you’re asking for is not hard at all and we’re not going to help you because what we already gave you is sufficient.

If you don’t understand one bit of the simple logic behind Expression2, get the hell off my internet.

Naa no thanks and thank you for the information you all. I literally was just wanting to do this one thing thats all not meant to nag. I shall leave this thread alone. Thanks again.