New to facepunch

I just recently moved to Turkey and don’t know many people here. Looking for a group of people that play rust regularly and might be able to show me the ropes a little bit. I am also fairly new to the whole gaming community thing so advice is always welcome. Hope to hear back soon.

my advice to u, play the playstation 1 or n64 first, get into the gaming community lol

I actually brought my n64 with me to turkey. Never leave home without it. I own a ps4 and an Xbox one as well. Just starting to get into computer games though. So I am not new to video games, I am new to gaming communities.

They are not very nice people sometimes. Like Xbox live players, sometimes worse sometimes better. Steam is a good start for finding a community you might like. Do you have steam?

Ya I just got it. Started playing rust the other day and its pretty fun but running around alone isnt always fun.

Some of the more popular servers have Steam Group pages made for their server to attract people. Hop around servers and see if the admins are active, odds are you can ask for an invite that way.

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