New to gaming community

Hey guys new to the forums, I was wondering if people would help me out here, I’m looking to make a gaming community forum, wondering where to start, I have a server for ttt on gmod that I’m customizing at the moment. Would anyone be interested in being part of the server or gaming community? I need people to play with me and ome of my friends and I’m looking forward to hosting other servers in the future in wide ranges of games. Also I’m looking for people to play league of legends too.


I’ll play League with you if you aren’t a scrub.

But this probably wasn’t the right place to post this. People are gonna get angry because “blah blah advertising wah”.

Yea but its not like he posted a community name or anything, so its not really advertising, and Steven if you need any help with scripting, dont be afraid to add me on steam and ask.

a ttt server? sure, pm me the ip and I’ll check it out.

Hey - I’ve ran a few gaming communities in my time - with more emphasis on the community side of things. I wouldn’t mind lending a hand. Hit me up via Steam sometime and we could run some ideas over.