New to garry mod. How do I install mods.

Hi all,
Im running windows 7 if thats helps as all the tutorials are for xp and vista.
Im new to G Mod and are stuck on adding addons. Ive watched all the tutorial videos on how to do this and they all say that you need to go into the downloaded mod folder and you will see more folders called lua, maaterials and models etc. You then go into these folders and copy and paste them into the corresponding folders in /steam/steamapps/mysteamnname/garrysmod/garrysmod.

I do this but on some mods they have a model folder and I do not have a model folder within my /garrysmod.

Also could anyone tell me what an Advanced Duplicator file is and where I store these files.

Most addons you just extract the downloaded .rar/.zip file and put the extracted folder into the folder called addons.

Go to the wiki dont make a thread


dupe files are text files that contain information about a string of props that have been made into a contraption. Do not edit these files or the dupe can become corrupted. They also go into the data folder in gmod and I think in the advanced duplicator file too.

I dont have a data folder in g mod.

Make one.

Is it as simple as that?

Yep, the Source engine - Once you learn how to use it granted, is a very simple engine and very simple to work with.

Ok Ive tried that and its not worked. ; ;

Sorry that they’re so big I use a fairly large resolution

I remember seeing them earlier today and I didnt even create them. They dissapeared though and I cant find them. Ive tried redownloading gmod but theyre still not there.

Make them

Do you have the Advance Duplicator mod? Wiremod includes it