New to Garry's Mod

Ok I already know where to put the downloaded files.
My problem is that after I put the files there, the items don’t appear in-game.
Do I have to activate them when I play or something?
Please help

Restart GMod after putting addons in the addons folder.

When you say reset do you mean just like close it and just play it again?


Oh well i’ve done that plenty of times.

are you sure you extracted them to the addons folder? or put them in the right place?

The read-me folder is your friend along with the description on the mod when you download it…

yeah i put them in the the addons folder

If the folder in questin has a info.txt file, it’s an addon. You can extract addons for them to load first of somewhere befor statup and the addons folder. I could make a video if you want, but I might be busy coding