New to Garry's Mod

Hello everyone im looking to purchase gmod and iwas wondering what the best source was. I want to get one that will be fun but also give lots of good and useful items. If you guys could help that would be great. thank you.

the Valve Source Game Pack.

Counter Strike Source has content that features in a whole lot of different contraptions. It’s a fun game in itself. It’s still hugely popular after 5 years and now it’ll be a lot cheaper than it was at release.

CS:S is practically required for GMod. Without it, half of the shit will be errors and notex (notex is a pink and black checkerboard)

This, I learned the hard way

Get Ep2.

I have CS:S because all the people who had Garry’s Mod before me told me to get it. I’m still a bit of a noob so…

Get CSS and HL2:EP2
EP2 is used for it’s amazing textures , and CSS is used for tons of weapons and props

That ^

Buy the Orange Box first and then the Gmod-CSS package. 7 awesome games, and I think that’s the lowest price you can get for all of them.

All the games i got the from the start to now
CSS that includes HL2DM and DODS > Garry’s Mod > Orange Box

I love how in the header pic half of it is “lol gman balloons hurf”, and the half is “This is a fucking SERIOUS environment.”[/off-topic]

Ep2, CSS.
CSS = Most Weapons & Models
Ep2 = Most Textures

If you like the look of RP, you will certainly need CS:S.

I’m also thinking about getting g-mod. I’ll probably get the CS + Gmod pack and then get the Orange Box later.


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Some good ones to get would be:

HL2 Episode 1 & 2
Maybe Orangebox

Only a few, but those are pretty much the main ones

Or get the Orange Box wtf?
Orangebox + CSSGmodPack it’s what i got

Orangebox+CSS + GMod= PWNAZNA

The Valve Source pack is a vital asset in the campign to Gmod content.