New to Garry's Mod

I am getting Garys Mod and all the Valve Games for Christmas.
Can someone please give me a list of all the things I would require to make a succesful Garys Mod Machinima for’m a director and want to go outside Halo)

Any advice?

For Gmod, you’ll most definitely need the Machinima Hands tool, as well as the SWEPs you want to use in each episode. A good map is also a must, try gm_bigcity, or anything that can be installed with the program G-Maps, found in this same forum.

Don’t use gm_construct or gm_flatgrass

Sweet. Thanks :slight_smile: Are all Valve games compatable with Garys Mod, like can I use all characters and items from all valve games? Or do some not work like L4D2?

Hey I am actually going to be collaborating with NewScapePro on a machinima project. Could you recommend any particular SWEP packages from the .org section of the site? I know there are quite a few glitchy packs that have bugs so I’d like to avoid even installing those.

All source games are compatible with GMod except L4D and L4D2, which you must install a 3rd party addon to use those models.

May I reccomend kermites?

No. :downs:

Would you guys recommend filming in the source with a demo? or with something like Fraps?

Thanks for all the help. :slight_smile:

Good Mods:

STool Pack

Go Google Some, foo!

Different directors have different preferences. I know some prefer source recorder while others just straight up prefer fraps.

The advantage of SR is you can record in super low quality, get shots from different angles after it’s been recorded, then crank up all the settings and then convert it to .avi and have a high quality video, however it can be a bit more fiddly to do.

Thanks for the tip. In this case I think we’ll use SR then, especially after watching some of the tutorials we did on it.