New to GCombat

I just got GCombat (shock and awe, I didn’t already have it?!) and I have only a minor problem.
How do I get any of it to work? D:

I can spawn the entities just fine- in fact, the torpedo even goes off! But the others- the tank gun, the death ray, all of it- just sits there and looks pretty. The sticky bombs stick and the shielder kills the stickies, but nothing that needs ACTIVATION will go. How do I get it to work? Is there some sort of STool or SWep I need to get?

I want to combat Gs, so please help me become a Garry Warrior!

you need wiremod

I have wiremod… but it’s not quite in working order in singleplayer. Is there a specific tool to use?

Wire the input of the firing option on the weapon to a value of one to fire it.

Spawn a button, and wire the Fire of a gcombat to the button, then use the button.


press e

to use a weapon that you spawn with the tool you just wire the weapon to a wire button or numpad input

That’s so limited what you’re saying.

It’s wiring it to a value of one.

You’re dumb.