New to GMod and could use some help

I just bought GMOD and I created a map via “Play Single player” and It went good , But now my main questions are:

  • How do I publish my game to the multi-player area? (It’s really important, that’s why I bought the game…".
  • If there is a note\message add on that I could use to tell the other players how to play?

Thanks In Advanced, Agam More(Steam: MelexM).

OK, if you’re playing singleplayer, there’s no way to put the game in any other place other than your computer. If you start a mutiplayer server, then others can connect. There’s no way to publish that.

Also, press y in-game. That brings up the chat menu, and you can tell all your little friends anything you like.

Also, welcome to Facepunch.

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Yes , but how could I create a multilayer map, and play online(dedicated server)?
Do i need to configure any thing? how do i select my map i built?

…you built a map? What? :geno:

So what if he built a map? You jealous?

To create a multiplayer server (map refers to the level played on, not the game that players play in), you’ll need to forward a couple of ports on your router/modem, I don’t know which.

If you want your map on the server, you’ll need to upload it to your server, whether it’s dedicated or rented.

If you want a comprehensive guide about how to set up a server, then you can use this wiki page:

If you’ve followed that successfully, then you can put your map’s .bsp file in the orangebox/garrysmod/maps folder.

He doesn’t even understand the concept of multiplayer and singleplayer games.

Singleplayer= You play on your own, no-one can mess up your shit
Mutiplayer= Other people are with you on the same server, they can ruin your game

You can share the ‘man-made’ map via a SAVE… Which doesn’t work on mutiplayer

What ever happen to the “Create Multiplayer” Button on the main menu? :v:

He must think GMod works like LittleBigPlanet. Which it doesn’t. :v:

rage lol

To publish your created crap in the multiplayer area, use Advance Duplicator, if you want to play online, hit the damn Create Server button…

Is there a way of putting my SAVE file in my detected server, and somehow make all other players only with a chosen gun’ weapon?(no physics gun) and then play?