New to GMod and need some help

Hello, I’m new in Facepunch and I’m from Spain. I have too questions but i hope you can answer me.
Sorry for the mistakes when I say English.

Well, my first question: How can i sit NPCs? I taste NPC Control, but i don’t find any animation for sitting

And the other question: my console no runs very well, i write in it:

And it doesn’t anything.

Thank you in advance, Artista

I also taste NPC control.

and it doesn’t go, no?
but have to be other solution, because in this machinima have people sitted:

Este dice que “pruebo el control de NPC”

Intente un traductor diferente

Well, but you understand me, and your translator it isn’t very well.

Please, answer my questions

Your translator is also very bad.

And I am guessing that you installed the NPC control addon wrong. Where did you install it to?

I installed it good, but in the animations only is written:
and in Citizens there isn’t any animation to sit.

Yes, my translator is bad, but you can understand my more or less, no?

Thank you

More or less.

ooooookkkkkk, but what is the solution?

You still didn’t say where you installed it to.

I installed it to: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons

in the game it apopears, but i didn’t find any animation of sitting down

and other question: i installed in the same folder CinemahelperOrange:

but i can’t run it, from the console, it don’t appears

do you have half life 2?

noooo, but i have Counter Strike Source. Why? I can run the game perfectly
come on, i need to know how to sit npcs
but… npc control must sit npcs?

I think you need Half Life 2.

and, when i will have hl2, what do i need to do for sit npcs???
and other question:
my gravity gun, crowbar , shotgun, smg and the other guns, they have dissappeared, except the physgun, the camera and the Tool