New to Gmod, could use some pointers

Hi there, I’m new round these parts, and I’ve had Gmod for a little while (since December), and I’m trying to install the infamous Saxton Hale model. I pasted what I needed to in the materials and models folder, but when I go to spawn him, welp, he’s invisible.

I’ve also noticed that the bonemerge tool I downloaded (I think it was demonstrated by MaxofS2D or whatever his name is on YT) causes my game to crash? Would this have anything to do with my laptop’s specs? They’re not all that good last time I checked.

Make sure you downloaded this. This one should should be working.

As for the Saxton Hale model, I don’t know what the problem could be, but it doesn’t seem to be working for other people as well :confused:

It’s strange, really. I got him to spawn just once today, in that recreation of Courage’s house I got from the toybox.

…did anyone else notice how the Hale model seen in the Gmod idiot box series on YouTube had faceposing? Did he add that into the model himself?

Edit: Nice Lyra/Heartstrings icon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :smiley: Cool Discord image too.
In which part was Hale featured? (No, I’m not trying to derail this thread :P)

I think it was Episode 10 last year, there was a clear shot of him with his mouth wide open.

This is the only copy of the episode I could find, I could have sworn it was on Dasboshchit’s channel (still can’t spell his name), but now it doesn’t seem to be…

It’s around 6:26 where he has his mouth open.

I can’t find anything about Saxton Hale’s face posing on the internet :confused:
Other Gmod videos didn’t have face posing on Hale either, so he must have used custom model. I wonder if Hale’s face moves in the TF2 gamemode, if yes then it might be possible to import it into GMod.

Nah, it doesn’t.

It’s strange though, Hale and the Bonemerge tool have only worked on that one level so far. Wouldn’t work on 2Fort. I should try using them on others to see if it’s just my craptop.

Well bonemerger works fine on 2Fort for me. I’ve just found out that the model has a mouth and eyeballs, which could work with the faceposer tool. I wonder why the settings won’t appear in the menu :confused:

I’ve tried it on other levels, still crashes. Definitely has to be my craptop. This time I was trying to make Spyper.

Fortunately, for the Hale issue, I read that Rebbacus, who modelled Scout’s Mom, helped remodel Femscout, and also made Staregineer, the Civilian, Admin and Miss Pauling, has expressed interest in making a new Hale model, but expect a long wait. She’s got a lot to do- Sniper’s Parents, Old Nick, Merasmus among a few other things.