New to GMod. Need some suggestions for addons

So, I’m kind of new to Garry’s Mod; I played around with it a while ago. I was wondering what addons for Garry’s mod are considered “mandatory” and “must haves” that mod makers assume everyone has installed.

If possible, please provide SVNs.

Also, what are some particularly “good” addons?

PHX 3 and Wire

Wire- Entities that have inputs and outputs:
PHX3- A model pack:

Thanks for the links. Are there any others that are really popular, such as weapon packs or building packs of sorts?

The website doesn’t have a good distinction of what is popular.

You will have the most popular building packs when you get PHX an Wire (SVN only, don’t get any on the .org). You may also want to get Smartsnap, as it makes precise building very easy. As for weapons, the CS realistic ones made by Worshiper are used on a few RP servers, but other than that, there really aren’t many important ones.

WHEN I click on the link it takes me to a page with folders how do i download

Get a SVN client like Tortoise SVN. Or use GMAN (Garrysmod Administrative Network), which can be found with a simple search of this forum.

If you like space stuff, I would recommend Spacebuild2, Life Support 2, Resource Distribution 2, and the Spacebuild Enhancement Pack (aka the Spacebuild Model Pack, SBEP, or the SBMP).

For SBEP, you should get the SVN version, as the ones on are very out dated

Wire can be a handful, I’ve been playing for years and I still don’t use it.

I love science fiction; I’m downloading those now. Thank you.

with the SBEP stuff, I would also recommend Easy Precision and Smart Snap, other wise it will be hard lining up your ship pieces.

Also, Stargate stuff is pretty fun

You need to get weight tool, hard to build anything without it