New to GMod: Recommended maps/mods?

First, let me start off by apologizing if this is in the wrong section. I read through some threads/thread names of both support and general, and from the lack of gameplay-related questions in support and the abundance of aforementioned in this forum, I figured that this was the proper forum for this question. Anyhow…

Hey to all of the Facepunch community! I’m new to both these forums and GMod and was hoping to get a list of important/recommended mods, preferably to get into ACF. I’ve read threads and watched videos on the subject and general gameplay, and while I found a few lists/information here and there, there seemed to be vague recommendations or differing opinions on what was the “best” mod(s) to use. While I know of the more popular bread-and-butter mods like Wiremod, I know little about what s-tools, parenting mods, maps, and other helpful mods I should use. Therefore it would be greatly appreciated if one could point me in the right direction or post a list. Thanks in advance!

We honestly can’t help you if you don’t tell us your interests, do you like building, posing? If you are interested with space, give spacebuild a try. But it really depends on your interests

smart snap is a needed one, for sure

precision tool

customizable guns

I personally love Scars and Gbombs 4

Scars,m9k,tdmcars,dupes tool is fun to see what people made. Like giant mechs.

I’m hoping to get into ACF. Anyhow, thanks for the replies so far guys.


Agree with code_gs, Wiremod is an essential. I would also recommend custom models if you plan on making any machinimas.

Advanced Ragdoll Mover.

Stop Motion Helper if you want to do Gmod stop animation. Also the disable shadows tool so when you shine a lamp at a ragdoll or prop it only makes one shadow.

Standing Pose STool
GB-Radial Menu
Live Model Update
BF2 Z-Parachute
GMod Legs
Auto-Prevent Too Many Lua Errors

And if you’re feeling adventurous, SCars Slim, as well as any of these packs.