new to gmod

hey im new to gmod and i keep seeing massive error’s everywhere, is there a way to force server to download all content or can someone please tell me what addons/tools/models i need really to play properly


Well, as far as I remember - PHX is included with GMOD now. It could be stuff like Wiremod which you need. It depends on the server. Do you have Half-Life 2, CSS & Episode 2? These are usually games which have tons of content which most maps / servers use.

nope i dont :confused: i just have CS:GO and gmod i shall try that

CS:GO isn’t compatible with GMod. CSS is though.

I would recommend you get at least Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source; it’s the two games which nearly everything assumes you have.

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I’d recommend you install TF2, too, since it’s free

i have purchased HL2 and got lost coast, and ive downloaded CSS content from an addon group in workshop, but its mainly on stranded servers that i see loads of error’s :confused:

Have you downloaded the stranded gamemode files? that would be kinda important

Hi hanabal,
What server are you playing on? (The game mode)
You will need CS:S for most servers on gmod but there are some that use TF2 (Very little do)

If you are planing to play DarkRP or Sand Box you will need to get WireMod. It’s free and fun to play with (Some times -_-)
If you plan on playing SpaceBuild you will need a lot more.(I’m not a SpaceBuild person so I don’t know what you need, Sorry)
Other game modes like TTT and Theater will most likely give you some files when you join.

Remember to READ! the rules (If presented) I have seen lots of new players banned from good servers by this silly mistake. and Welcome to Garrys Mod ^.^