New to GMod

I just got Gmod yesterday and im loving it. But, the thing is is that ive join a lot of sandbox servers and people are makeing things But, all i see are a bunch of big error signs. I knew you could get addons to gmod so I went to gmod to see what i could download, Witch leads me to the question what addon are these people makeing to use veichles? and also when i try to DL a addon from garrys mod im seriously DLing them at >1KB a sec. Im not assuming this is not me because ive never had slow download speeds for things so small before. Any help guys? Tyvm

Get phx and wire. It should reduce it by 75% of errors everywhere.

It’s also highly likely that they’re using models from another source game (CSS, DoDS, etc) which you will have to buy in order to see.

The only game i dont have is left 4 dead. You think there useing that?

Nope, L4D isn’t supported by gmod.

Also, it isn’t just you. is being a slow piece of shit on a lot of files.

Get tortoise SVN, so you can download some of the most important addons, plus, you can have them updated, so you don’t need to download the new version of that certain addon