New to GMod

Hi i Just purchased a copy of GMod and I seem to be having some trouble. I was hoping to get some help.

  1. When I try to set up props they have a tendency to … well fly around crash into walls, and/or kill me. I’m finding this irritating and was wondering what I’m doing wrong. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to it, sometimes even just a small adjustment makes things seem to go nuts. To clarify I grab items with the physics gun . try to move, rotate or place them and chaos … sometimes.

2)Is there any way to save individual artifacts/contraptions/ect. If for example I manage to actually put something together, without dieing is there a way to save IT not the whole map?

3)One of the difficulties I’m having in rag-doll posing is not knowing what I’ve locked where. Is there a way to turn on some kind of indicator or something I could download for this?

  1. I saw a snap grid mod which I will likely snag, but is there a mod/patch that will allow me to see the wire frame/skeleton so I can more accurately pose limbs ect.

  2. lastly is there a way to change perspective or go more god mod rather then being in the world when setting up.

Thank you for your time!

  1. Make sure what you move around isn’t attached to something frozen unless you move it carefully. Stretching something too far can cause it to “spazz out” and fly every which way. Trying to Easy Weld the far ends of a snake of props(for example) can also cause spazzing.

  2. You can get the latest version of Advanced Duplicator.

  3. It’s possible someone has made an addon to help with that, though most people seem fairly content with the ragdoll system being the way it is, even if the hitboxes(the hidden boxes the physgun grabs) are a bit wonky at times.

  4. Not sure.

  5. Do you mean flying around with noclip and being able to go through walls/props, or do you mean a different camera angle?