New to GMod

Friend gifted it to me. So anything I should know? Also I’ve only played Prop Hunt before, so I don’t know any gametypes.

If you hate 12-year-olds, don’t play it.

Because there is no such thing as singleplayer

Sometimes singleplayer can be boring.

So don’t play at all. Solves two problems:

  • 12 year olds
  • Boring singleplayer

So I found some skins and models on, after download how do I get them in game? Addons folder or something? I forgot since I’ve only modded STALKER once before, which was about a year ago.

Which is exactly why I said "If you hate 12-year-olds, don’t play.

If they come with a file called “info.txt”, put them in the addons folder in Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod

If not put them in their respective folders (such as “materials”, “models”, etc.)

Shit why did I rate funny meant informative. Thanks.

Singleplayer is for people with no friends


>Get wire (It’s a essential for sandbox MP servers)
>Don’t play RP (trust me it sucks)
>Find a good community and stick with them
>Get used to 12 year old jackasses

>Don’t overdo addons, every addon you use will slow down your load times.
>Don’t re-upload other peoples work, even if it’s modified, without permission and credits given.
>If someone says not to upload something to, don’t (without permission) This applies to most SVN’s, the developers will upload to Gmod when they feel it’s ready.
>Don’t upload something that’s already been done a million times (unless there’s something REALLLY special about it, and even then, be prepared for trolls) (I.E. Autoturrets, etc.)
>Don’t be a mingebag (look it up)
>Don’t be a troll (get’s you banned in some forums, can get you banned from toybox, which can suck)

Recent changes that might confuse you…
>Spacebuild3 is now an addon (used to be SVN only, now available on Gmod)
>PHX comes standard with Gmod.

Good addons to have (in my opinion)
>Advanced Duplicator (I think it’s standard now also, but not sure. Better than a save game in most cases, you can take your creations from one map to the next)
>Fin tool (creates aerodynamic reactions)
>Henry’s Animation Tool (fun for making movies)
>Ragmorph (it’s just fun)
>Redo Tool (indispensable for someone who spams the undo button)
>Weight tool (actually, it’s more like it affects mass, but similar principles, good for making planes lighter, wheels heavier, and because it’s mass, it also effects inertia, which is GREAT for making phx gears move for a LONG time)
>Resource Development 3/RD3 (good for creating some realism in Spacebuild)
>Spacebuild3 (visit alien world’s lately? Some of the SB maps are flat out e-p-i-c, and I don’t use that term lightly.)
There’s lots more, Map’s, Gamemodes, etc. These are just some of the ones I use…

Try singleplayer first, then go online. Your own server is the best option, because good servers are not so common nowadays. You’ll have to deal with idiots online, which is a too large amount of garry’smod players unfortunately. Avoid RP unless you’re in a community that actually knows how to RP. If you want, you can learn Wiremod so that you can make advanced contraptions, but some feel like that the complicated wiremod ruined gmod (gmod used to be making cars out of bathtubes and the like, but is now more like self steering cars with wiremod).

To install mods, you have to look at what you got. If you downloaded the zip file and if it has this structure:
>mod1 (folder)
and inside ‘mod1’ there is an
then put the folder ‘mod1’ into your addons folder. If there is no info.txt, then put the contents of ‘mod1’ in the correct folders, like if there’s a ‘material’ folder inside ‘mod1’, then drag that materials folder to steamapps/garrysmod/garrysmod and windows will automatically put it correctly.

The above post has some good addons. There’s also an ‘unbreakable stool’ (stool = scripted tool, swep = scripted weapon, sent = scripted entity) that can make certain breakable objects, err unbreakable of course.
Addons are written in lua, so if you can be bothered to learn lua (from what I hear, it’s not very difficult, but not piss easy either) you could try to create your own addons or just little scripts.

There’s also ‘Toybox’ now. Ingame, you press and hold Q and click on the toybox tab. It’s like, except it’s all ingame and you can download stuff and use it instantly.

I prefer singleplayer over multiplayer. Multiplayer can be fun with a passworded server with friends and stuff (while resisting the temptation to kill eachother which will inevitably happen unless you disable damage), but public servers suck most of the time because of the shitty 12 year old community that will dos servers because they got banned or otherwise attempt crash the server by spamming shit. Not always, but there’s just a too high chance of having your game ruined by someone.

Some of the mods I downloaded have “lua” folders. Do I just rename them or do I only need one?

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As in Windows asks me if I wanted to replace the Lua inside the Lua Folder with the new one.

Join my server!

Also play fretta, TTT, deathrun, and any other gamemodes you think look interesting at least once.
Mess around in singleplayer, especially with toybox.
Even try RP if you want.
Play with friends, it’s more fun.

just click okay

Is there a way I can give NPCs the new weapons I downloaded?

They have to be NPC Weapons, which you can download as well.

Ok new problem here: My friend and I want to play GMod together but the server is not responding. He tried hosting it too. “Server not responding”. Our latency is good, less than 70. Also he tried something in the console like “echo” or “hearbeat”, which allowed me to get to the loading screen. However, it always comes up with the error “Connection failed after 4 tries” something like that. Any help?