New to Lua - DarkRP

Hello, I am new to Lua scripting. I have started my server everything works fine, I just need a little guidance.
So what I would like help with is a few things.
1 - Blacklisting Props I’ve tried black listing props but I always fail
2 - This is less Rp but more motd, I know html but could someone help me towards how I can set up my website with my motd? I keep having problems.
3 - Could someone please help me remove buy able weapons (Through F4) for everyone except Gun dealers? I am positive it can be done with rp_restrictbuypistol “1” but it does not seem to work either.
4 - When I set my jail and owners of the PD is there a way to make it permanent?

That’s all I need help with, I thank you for your time.

None of this needs any lua code/scripts. They are already part of darkrp.
Since you are new, please post in the right section next time.