New to Lua, what should I do?

I am still brand new to Lua coding. I have had some experience with coding like this, any suggested Game Modes to start out with?

I’d appreciate anything.

Also, I am sorry if this is the wrong section for this. I just thought this might work.

Also, it’s for G-Mod.

And i hope so.

Make what ever you want to make. You are now a gmod god and can create anything.
Ask yourself this, what would i want?

I know, at the end lol. I didn’t think that out. I saw other posts in the forum then I thought to change that then yeah. I hate having my first impression on people while I’m tired. lol.

Well, I tried that too, but like everything basic is made. There’s nothing like, that would really catch someone’s eye.

Make something that YOU really want to make, because you want to make it, rather than because you want to use Lua. That way, you will have an end goal which will keep your attention, so you won’t get bored and give up half way through. Lua is easy. Gmod lua is not so easy, making a gamemode is harder. Making a good gamemode requires dedication and a hell of a lot of free time.

Thanks for the advice, and yeah. I just really have no ideas of what to do. I mean I want some type of Role-Playing game, but I think DarkRP or what ever is covers that. :frowning:

I would try simple addons first, rather than an entire gamemode. But really, like philxyz said, scripting should be something you want to make. I first got interested in Lua because I had a fiery hatred for the ASSMod menu, so I set out to make a better one (see what happened?) and I learned a lot on the way. I’ve never embarked on a project just to know how to use it - you learn how to use things so you can do what you want.

I thought you were kidding with the whole ASSMod thing. lol, but yeah. There’s not many Add-Ons to make though. I’ve seen most of the ones I could even think off. You’re right though, I just really don’t know what to make about anything. I try to be creative but I’ll get an idea then go look in Garry’s Mod’s website for downloads and like see that it’s already made or something.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been made before or not. If you think of it then make it, it’s good practice. Start simple with console commands, then move to entities, then maybe SWeps, then finally gamemodes.

Well I had some guy help me on steam, I can already do a bit with SWEPS. Should I still do entities and console commands?

I personally find SWeps to be the hardest thing to script in Gmod, but that’s mostly because I don’t understand how animations and ammo work.

Entities are very simple, and useful to know when you want to make a gamemode.

Ah, so I should just start out with them?

Start with a gamemode.

Both are very good tutorials.

Thanks. I figured out what I’m going to make.

I tried starting with gamemodes when I was a lua newbie. Bad idea. You really should be starting with SWEPs and SENTs. Then move on to learning about functions and hooks. Then you will be ready for gamemodes. Although with fretta, it’s pretty easy.

I personally liked editing gamemodes. You don’t have to start anything from scratch, and you build up.

I started with basic exploiting, moved onto basic encryption and data manipulation. After that, I started writing scripts to block the exploiting I did originally, then moved onto editing Zombie Survival, from where I started writing basic admin mods (Remember the pile of shit, FlapMin? ). 6 - 8 months on, and here I am now.

So you coded some basic admin mods and then nothing? :v:

I’m just joking :keke:

I disagree… I started with gamemodes, and I’m not talking about fretta. I like gamemodes more just because you have more control, and that’s where you can really have fun. Then again, that is just an opinion…

Well, it really depends what you’re doing. Gamemodes incorporate a lot of things that you can learn from SWEPs, SENTs, and just code in general. I started by editing other people’s gamemodes and observing other people’s code, but that’s only because people starting to learn when I was learning didn’t have the godsend that is known as our GMod Lua Wiki.

A lot of people here don’t seem to realize how lucky they are to have any documentation at all. Like I said, a lot of the “Lua Gods” as you call them had to start off by just looking at other people’s code, but if we had had access to a wiki we would have rushed over there immediately.