New to Lua.


***Before you post please read this.
In 2011 I wanted to learn lua, I got nothing further than print(“Hello World”)
I have tried many tutorials , but the thing is I hate reading.
So is there any video, or person that could help me understand lua?

I also have gone to the library and search lua books, sadly I could not find one.
I could pick my self up some c# books, that contains a little bit of info, aswell ( not about lua but programming ) did not even read it completely yet. Planning on learning lua first.

Does anybody got any suggestions to learn Lua? I have great Idea’s in mind, but now I have to make them come true.

Links,Video’s anything. Or maby your help, if you help it doesn’t mean I want you 24/7 next to me.
No you have a life to so yeah lol. You probably won’t only be doing lua.

I would really love to learn this.

*Note I have downloaded a lua edit program to type lua in-game.
Maby that would make things much easier.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

To learn Lua I would think… yes you have no choice, you have to read.
If you still want a book on lua:

This is most of the documentation on Lua in GMOD:

Helpful commands ingame:
lua_openscript <file.lua> //serverside
lua_openscript_cl <file.lua> //clientside
gamemode_reload //reload an entire gamemode

What is the difference between serverside and clientside?

Jesus christ.


Clientside is the client, serverside is the server.

Not sure how to explain that.

Clientside files can be opened from the location:

Serverside files can be opened from:

Explaining this umm…

Serverside is strictly serverside functions such as giving items to killing players.

Clientside is stuff like drawing things on the screen or sending chat messages.

I would also highly suggest looking over other people’s lua codes, it may look confusing at first but if you have some observation and understanding skills then you’ll most
likely be able to pick it up. I only used sources like the lua wiki when I had an idea of what I needed to be done but I didn’t know what to use to get it working the way I
wanted it to. It’s a lot better to go over other people’s work and pick it up as you go instead of going through a pain-staking book of every single lua code. (Just my opinion)

I agree with you STRONGLY, I have a high understanding skill, yesterday I opened a swep - Init, shared and cl_init file. I understood the whole script , just by reading it ( It was a SWEP pack from mad cows) Although I am trieng to make my own now and I do find some problems in it.