New to mapping, a few questions.

Hello, I am new to mapping using hammer and I have a few questions.

I would like to know how to add custom textures in. I have a few jpeg and png files and I probably have to convert them, and if so, could I get a tutorial?

I also would like to know how to actually get them working in hammer.

Also, if there are any tips you can provide that will make the map look better, or make things more efficient/easier, please let me know.

I send the blog one because it should give you a general feeling of what you should do.

Thanks. Anything special I have to do before I can put it in gmod? How do I set it up to work with gmod anyways?

Gmod loads maps from almost any source game, so just use any in your list. I personally prefer ep2.

Carve Everything, no but seriously dont carve stuff, you didnt say how new you are but dont carve. Use clip.

What is bad about carve?

It’s pretty buggy and clip tool can make much better results.
Also, carving anything but squares WILL fuck something up, eventually.

Carving any non-cuboid object in hammer is very likely to cause vertexes to be off grid which results in errors and decimal loss. It is not a good habit to get into and can easily be avoided by just using the “Clip” tool.

I made a custom texture but it does not seem to be appearing in hammer. I created a materials and custom folder in my heedicalking folder under steamapps, then I typed custom/ in the filter in hammer, and nothing came up. I generated a VTF using a jpeg and VTFedit and a VMT using the built in VMT creator.

Make sure your .vmt for $basetexture is “Custom\vtf here”

	"$basetexture" "custom/TTcementSand01"

I still find nothing. Is there any other place I could put them? Maybe that is the problem, since I had to create the folders, they were not already there.

You need to put both the .vtf and the .vmt inside of your custom\ folder.

I do but it still will not work.

I managed to make something but haven’t tested it out yet. I still need help getting textures to work but in the mean time I will try getting stuff working in game.

EDIT: It works, but the “skybox” is just a giant blur wherever i move my camera. It seems to be a major motion blur that gets worse and worse.

No you don’t.

If hes searching for “custom/” Yes.

you have a leak. Map -> Load Pointfile. The line STARTS at the entity, and doesn’t END at it. You need to follow the line through your map and out to the “void”, which is the area putside of your map. The inside of the map has to be completely sealed off from the outside in order to compile properly. Usually the leak is just a small hole between two walls or between a wall and a floor, just fix it so it’s all sealed.

Also, in case you’re trying something else, make sure that the skybox texture is always tools/toolsskybox