New to Modding, what tools do i need for gMod?

i seem to be having issues understanding how to make addons/props for gMod, so my first question is: “is there a program i need to download in order to export *.OBJ files to *.VTF format, or do i have to code it from scratch?”
second Question: “is there a link that can be provided for such softwere?”
last question;because the search tool isn’t working: “is there another thread asking the same questions?”

I have purchased a student version of Autodesk 3ds max, and have several models made and downloaded off 3d sites like turbosquid.

This probably would have been better in the main Models/Skins section. But anyway, I will help you.

Have a look in here: Second post + the links in there should help you.

Uh… OBJ files don’t become VTF files, VTF files are textures.

well, just goes to show how little i know about this stuff. i’ll delete this thread


actually, now i have a new problem. now i cant do anything with GUIstudio, because i don’t have a directory labeled “soursce SDK” or anything like that in my garrysmod folder, or even anywhere in my computer. i only bought episode 2, so do i need to specifically buy episode 1 or the orange box in order for it to work?

No, you just need Source SDK. Open Steam, go to Library, then Tools, right click Source SDK and click Install game. You might need Source SDK Base or Source SDK Base 2007 as well… I think those are for mods though.