New to modeling and re-texturing.

Alright, I know its probably somewhere deep in these forums but I’m a little lazy to check. I’m trying to get into modeling and re-texturing or re-skinning stuff for HL2 games and mods. But idk what I should use. I have a feeling that i would be using Source SDK to do most of it but I’m not sure, and I don’t want to start messing around with something that I have no idea how to use. So basically any info on software to use for this, and ways or tutorials on how to use them will be most appreciated.

Source SDK is used just to open up hlmv and test your model… But you need VTFEdit, Notepad++, to view the QC’s, VMT’s and the VTF’s. While the VMT is directing to the vtf, the QC is incharge of all of the pathways to the model itself, to the materials folders etc, get MDLDecompiler + GUIStudioCompiler if you want to decompile and edit the QC directly, or just get an hex editor (XVI32 is free and good) and directly edit the model.

Are there any tutorials or anything to use most of this stuff?

This tutorial is for TF2 but it teaches you how to open any texture files, how to edit them, and save them.

I made this hexing tutorial right here, this is so it wont replace any exisiting models.[media]

For retexturing, I’d recommend GIMP (if you’re striped for cash to get a decent paint program other than MS Paint).