New to Rust need some advice

Hello everyone im new to rust have some questions

1-Which one i should play Legacy or experimental

2-What are the differences between Modded,Official and community servers

3-How to add servers to favourites

Thats all

I would recommend to play legacy. Try an official server, or try a smaller server to learn the game. It is pretty fun. Legacy is more of a complete game right now.

If you have a very good PC and want to play around with a half made game, then try the new one. I think it will be another month before major bugs are taken out of it. The old version is more stable and polished for what it has in it.

Legacy is flooded with scriptkiddies and KoS’ers.

Hi Lunatic35,

I would highly recommend you the Legacy Version of Rust.
You should play it because this is how the experimental is gonna be in someways when it reaches the Baseline.

After some Hours of Playing you will get in the mood of Rust.

But here some tipps.
1# Take some friends with you playing alone is hard sometimes
2# Search an Server with Active Admins, That work against cheaters.
3# People are moostly KoS`ing everything that moves. beaware of everyone.
4# Profit
5# Never Trust in Rust

Experimental is for me incomplete but it gets better from week to week.

Community Rust is the “True Form” unmodded everything set to default.
no extra additions like teleport , sethome and stuff like that.

There is a little star left to name of the Server when you click it that server will always approach at the top of youre loading

Have some Frustrating and Funny Hours in Rust

As someone who only plays “Experimental”, I would say “Experimental”, but the real answer is try them both for an hour, and see which one you enjoy playing most!

i would start by playing legacy to get the feel of the community, and what kind of game rust is. then i would try experimental, and see which you enjoy more.

legacy is bugged and full of hackers, but a bit like a nokia 3610. nostalgic and fun to play with despite being grossly out of date. i still drop in every now and then to play, even if i get bored after a while. most players will KOS(kill on sight) and hackers can be painful when they carve a neat and accurate path through your maze of a base to all your gear. it runs far faster then experimental as its less graphically intensive, and more stable.

experimental (now considered to be the main branch since no further updates will be applied to legacy) is more like a samsung galaxy s5. big. bright. shiny. full of new gadgets and better graphics. it is where all the updates have occurred, and is literally a reboot/rebuild of legacy. but that also means its less stable, and has higher requirements to run it. currently i can run it at about 12-16fps on my laptop, but some people are only getting 40-60 with a good 8gb of ram and a decent cpu. so it may not run as nicely as legacy if you have a lower end machine…for now;)

Try taking of the Shadows and youre FPS will boost up like hell
i get 40 and my Pc is not a Performance Masterpiece

Rust doesn’t have in-game other than chat and pestering others, I would suggest you familiarize yourself with the game, one good site would be: