New to Rust: Some questions..


yesterday I joined Rust and would like to ask you some questions.

  1. What is the difference between Official and Community servers? Also I saw there are in addition Mod Servers. I do not fully understand the difference between those. Official is clear, but the rest? :slight_smile:

  2. Is there a good, friendly German server you could recommend? As mentioned I am totally new and would like to play on a serverwith PVE and PVP in balance.

  3. What kind of server would you in general recommend? (Official, Community, Mod)

Thank you

Greetings :rock:

well a community server is like an official server and unlike modded servers as official and community servers are vanilla (without modification) whereas mod servers obviously have mods installed like pve only zones, teleport,warp,etc. as for a server i cant recommend any one server as it can always be judged as bias so my advice is to pick a low ping and low population server ie 15 or less people i find 5 to 10 active players to be the best environment plenty of chat and almost no immediately hostile interactions and welcome to rust maybe ill meet you in game one day maybe not but i hope it will be as allies

Thank you for the answers! :slight_smile:

I am alwas a freindly guy, same in DayZ or Altis Life. :slight_smile:

In Rust friendly guys die like flies…
Never trust anyone, use every opportunity to kill others and take all what they have on them,
when you are ready, start raiding!
This is not Sims… its not a house building simulator, its a survival simulator,
when you hear someone shouting “im friendly!!”, and run towards you, there is a good chance
that he will pull his P250 or Shotgun and kill you from point blank.

Finding a community server with friendly and competent admins who take care of cheaters and retards, and are present on a daily basis is a challenge on its own.
Sometimes you actually do find such a server, or at least that’s what you’re thinking for a while, just to find out a few weeks later that either the server was wiped or is completely gone from one day to the other without any prior warning from the admins.

So far (250 hours play time) I’ve not found a single community server that I could recommend.

Hi there. Since you’re looking for a mix between pvp and pve, I’d recommend taking a look at my server. We have PvP/PvE zones and 2 hours spawn protection against PvP for those who want to get used to the game without worrying about other players. This is a clan run server from Asylum Project, which is a large EU gaming community. I won’t post the ip, as neon said, any server owner is biased toward their own server and I’ve forced enough advertising on you with this post :wink: Anyway, if you would like to know more you can have a look at my previous posts or send me a PM.

Good luck with the game, I hope you spend many many hours enjoying Rust.

The servers are out there, don’t give up! I feel that it’s less about finding a server with decent admins and more about finding a server which is run by admins who share the same ideas about rust as you. Saying that, I’m sure there are a lot of kiddies out there who just run servers for the power, those are the ones that you need to avoid like the plague :smiley:

Hey bud I play on Lewy’s - - net.connect

It’s not German, but quite fun it’s a PVE server with PVP if you want :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the really informative replies!

@Atomic, this sounds pretty cool what you wrote in the steam community hub, but I guess my Ping would be horrible if I play on a US server :wink:

@prouxx I sent you a PM :slight_smile: