New To Rust whutUp!

Hey everyone About to hop on that rust vanwaggon, my friend got me in to it
I want see how the community is around here, I played it for a little while its great very good game so yeah just saying what uup

Sixburgh805 is my Steam iD add me in in the west coast ;play usually at night past 11pm couple time peer week been really trying to get in to it more need some tips or sum thing


Sorry if I post this in the wrong thread :confused:

If you don’t have a server I’m on west coast time as well and play on a really good one. Active mods, good balance of good people and assholes. Pretty tight community to boot, lemme know.

Yeah man forshure I’ll get on with you guys add me I’ll be on in an hour today and latter on all night

Tnx for the replying