New to Server Hosting-Server Command Issues.

So when I try to use commands such as the teleport.toplayer “Commadore” “cG.P01NT_MAN” it says invalid command.
I know these commands are case sensitive and I know you need the “” symbols in order for it to work.
Is there something missing? Do I need to add this command to the server.config before I can actually use it?

However, other commands such as airdrop.drop work fine when using the in-game console.
Lol, I’m just confused on how to get these server commands to work.
Could any body help out or point me in the direction of a helpful guide because I can’t find anything helpful online.

On my server in console I can just type teleport.toplayer Commadore cG.PO1NT_MAN and it will work , without the ". Also there are plugins to do this also where you don’t even need full names and you can type it in chat.

I can just type in chat – /tp cG.P and that should be enough to port you to him.

You can also type /tp cG.P Comma and it should tp him to you that way. As long as multiple names don’t start with the same letters , you can shorten them and it will autofill with players names.