New to the forums, new to machinima

Greetings, everyone, I’m kungfubellydancer and I just started making videos in Garry’s Mod and I thought I’d share here. I’m not yet established in the Valve community but I have been modding for Bethesda games for a long time. However I’m new to videos and machinima and Garry’s Mod is a new experience for me.

I downloaded GMod one month ago on the 8th and learned quite a bit, and made a short film (about 30 minutes) featuring Medic. It’s divided into 3 parts, part 1 available to watch here

This machinima is directed more toward older audiences, as a typical 13 year old boy might consider it boring.

Watch me on deviantArt

how about 13 year old girls

wrong forum then, pal.

Well this isn’t 4chan so I think I’m in the right place. And hi to you too :)\

I’ll throw this in as well. This was when I first learned about post-processing effects.

You are on the screenshots section, the videos section is bellow.

Okay, thanks. I see that I missed that, sorry. I assumed that they were all in one forum section.

kfbd, when you use post processing, use the super dof option, not the regular dof option, would make the above pic really good that way

actually you pretty much are, this place is terrible

Downloaded? did you buy it?