New to the game but...

I actually just picked up the game but was curious if there is going to be changes to deconstructing bases. I really enjoy the crafting system but if I place a metal door that doesnt line up how I want it, does it really take C4 to take it down. Seems like the ownership plot should allow a much easier method of dis assembly.

Was also curious on how Blueprints work. When a server wipes do your Blueprints ever start over? Being new Im looking for a server that not everyone has everything already so curious on that. Thanks all.

If you look in the modded section of servers, you will see some that have a remove tool added for building. Blueprints also depend on the server, some are persistent and some reset I think.

Doors can be removed with the hammer. They need to be opened and you need to remove the lock first. To remove the lock, unlock and hold E there will be an option in the wheel for it.

Thank you for the information I will try this!

There is no real ownership in Rust. Just because you built it doesn’t make it yours.

I may have mispoke when I said ownership plot. Meant the device which gives you control of the walls and floors ect.

There is no device that gives you control of the walls and floors ect. The closest Rust has is the tool cupboard, but that is temporary stop-gap and is being removed.

One of the core ideas in Rust is that you don’t own anything, and that you shouldn’t gain special powers over the things you perceive as yours.

The hammer isn’t needed at all. The rest is correct though.

This is nit-picky nonsense. When he said that the ownership mechanism should allow for easier building removal, it was very clear exactly what he meant. When he clarified, his point became crystal. And still you responded with this hooey. Stop being a dick.

I’m starting to doubt that because of the recent changes. You’ll never know what’s going on in the devs minds.


Every update makes your main tool cupboard even more valuable and critical to your base design. Removal of the ladders meant that if you have a wacky base design, you NEED access to a tool cupboard to raid someone. Then they went ahead and made it so that you can only have one tool cupboard inside your base… again making it even more critical.

The ‘we are phasing out tool cupboards’ company tagline and what they are actually doing are completely different.

Actually we can tell what is on the dev’s minds… when the year end blog post comes.

Or ya know, when the dev blogs come out every week (granted thats not how it always worked).

Personally I play the game on official servers which means no remove tool. This also means that things like C4 and rockets are generally harder to come by and raiding still involves a degree of strategy unless you want to put more in to the raid then you get out of it. We always scout our raid targets and look for weaknesses so we can avoid using more C4 than is really necessary. Perhaps if playing the game on modded servers isint your taste anymore, try the vanilla flavor for a bit. Also remember, raids should be used for more than just loot acquisition. Got some shitlord on your server who wont stop spamming, raid his tower and send him to the beaches. When he rebuilds, do it again. Keep hitting him until he leaves.

Also, quick note about online/offline raiding. I ALWAYS try to raid someone when they are online. It makes the raid more difficult and much more interesting. I only sink to offline raiding when the player has stopped playing on the server or they are playing from locations considered ‘off-hours’ for the server they are joining, ie South Korean playing on Texas servers. I cant call off work or alarm clock to raid someone who doesnt play during conventional hours. Now sure, mistakes happen and you may find some US player sleeping inside but that just means you dont grief the base on your way out…just take all the loot and leave him a bag.

Crap…This response wasnt actually meant for this thread. Sorry :ohno: