New to this and completely confused.

Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processor 1218 2.60GHz
2GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 7600
Windows XP

Well, maybe not completely confused.

The games I have are Portal, TF2, HL2 with E1 and E2. I’m running the Steam version of GMOD, if that matters.

I got Gmod just three days ago. Already clocked in 18 hours into it. I still have no real idea what I’m doing. The first thing I made was a box car. Took me three tries to get it right. When I did, I promptly smashed it into a wall. I’ve now managed to make flying box cars that can turn with thrusters. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Except then I see other people with these massive starships and vehicles and auto locking turrets, and I’m amazed. I can’t even get most of my plates and whatnot to line up properly, much less make something that complex. I’ve tried looking for help, but there don’t appear to be any “Here’s how to not suck” guides.

The next problem is that my addons don’t seem to be working properly. I got every addon from , except the ones that say “don’t get this if you’re getting this”. I’m pretty sure there was only one of those anyway. The SVN client appears to be working well, and I followed the instructions on that site to the letter. I’m still getting errors and the like from things that won’t work properly, or models just showing up as massive ERRORS. And on top of that, this added even MORE things that I don’t know how to use.

An example of my failings in this game (XD): I tried making an auto turret from a guide, but I can’t seem to get the hula dancer to follow me. Eventually I gave up.

Basically, I love this game. I just wish I could find some help so that I know what I’m doing, and some guides for what addons I SHOULD be using, and what I should move on to once I’ve gotten better. Also, just some general advice would be glorious too.

Halp, please.

lemme bump this with a nice TL:DR

The addons I mentioned in the previous post do not work right. I dunno why. SOME of them do, but mostly the spacebuild ones don’t work. Now, this may be because I have no idea how to use them, but I think the nice error message I get on the left of the screen means they’re borked.

If anyone knows the proper way to install all those, and what addons a noob like me should be using, that’d be great.

Also, a nice guide for this game would be good to.

Sorry, but you have a serious case of ‘I will never understand gmod’. You have about 3 months to live.

Okay, so I’m an idiot. That’s obvious. Mind trying to be helpful anyway? Y’know, rather than just snarky in an amusing way?

It sounds as if you’re trying to understand Wiremod. The hula dancer itsself doesn’t track you, nor will it follow you. Depending on your settings, it can output your XYZ co-ordinates, or your bearing, compared to it.
I would suggest checking out the wiremod site and asking for help there. I’d help you more, but I myself am still new to wiremod. Actually, I’m rather new to Gmod too :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, This: just helped me fix my SVN problems. I plan to only grab the more simple things and not dick around with the gamemodes just yet. A very kickass page, thank you Divran for making it.

And thank you Tullidar for your help too. XD

Indeed head over to . I’ll be waiting for you there.

One thing I would look at would be youtube tutorials, I haven’t played GMOD for a while but there was an amazing site (possibly tricky’s tutorials I think the name was) which explained all the basic functions!

Edit: Just found Tricky’s Tutorials is down but there are plenty of youtube explanations’s+tutorials&aq=f

Thank you Wooly, those helped a lot.

Now I’m back, with a couple more, less stupid (Hopefully) questions. These pertain to the Stargate addon.

I’d like to know how to raise the spawn limit on the various Stargate Weapons, like the Harvester and staff weapon. I know how to raise everything else when making a server, but the SG items don’t appear there.

Also, I’m wondering how to activate things like the Ori Beam Cannon from farther away, instead of being right next to it. I assume this has to do with Wiremod though. If so, just tell me that, and I’ll figure that out once I’m done learning the majority of the GMOD basics. Thanks again, everyone!

Well, I haven’t actually used the Ori beam cannon, so this is really just speculation, but try just making a button or something and using the wiretool on the Ori Beam Cannon, and see if it has a “activate”, “shoot” or something like that that you can connect to the button (click the beam cannon, then the button)

I haven’t look at Tricky’s tutorials, but I hear they don’t actually explain how things work, he just shows what they do. So if I’m wrong, ignore this, but otherwise, I would suggest looking at Orb’s tutorials, he explains how everything works