New Tool: GMod Addon+

I hope this is the right section for this, if not, a helpful nudge from a moderator would be much obliged.

First things first, this is an open-source beta. You might want to look at the source, if you don’t trust me, or want to help look for bugs. It works for me, but it might not be the most user-friendly yet.

Anyway, I wrote this tool in order to make dealing with a large collection of Garry’s Mod addons easier. If you’re anything like me, you
a) often forget to update your SVN-updatable addons.
b) download addons or model packs after you’ve already played on a server that download some/all of those models etc into your garrysmod folder.

This simple command line tool addresses and solves both of those problems automatically.

Simply run GModAddon+.exe <Path to your garrysmod folder> from the command line, and it will automatically update your SVN addons, and delete any duplicate files it finds.

If you fail to pass in the path as a command line argument, it will prompt you for it when you run the program.

Now onto the links:
Binary Download:

Source (GitHub):

Feel free to post here / PM me with any questions :slight_smile:

– Dave