New tool - Utilities?

So guys I was looking at the Trello and saw this new tool in the picture…
I was wondering what is the usefulness of it … maybe to climb mountains? land of snow? ie a tool mountaineering …
comment on your opinions below.

A new pickaxe. For mining rocks.

More than likely a pickaxe model replacement.

I understand = /
Wish it was something like what I said.
Especially considering achieve those impossible airdrops over rocks.

Either a new tier or just straight model replacements. Pickaxe, Hatchet & Hammer.

but do not you think to walk on the ground of snow without such a tool or something will be harder? and if you had a tool that could help it would be something cool!

to walk on snow is the same as to walk on grass, your thinking of an ice axe which helps you climb up mountains

Yes, I’m talking about climb up mountains.
But to walk in the snow is not so easy! I do not know because I never walked, but I’ve seen on various TV shows people walking with snow at the waist, if they do not have the snow rackets like these image.

I don’t think I like the idea of being able to vertically scale cliff faces… It just seems like it would be a little OP. Maybe if there was a chance that you could fall… that would make it more interesting but probably wouldn’t be worth the risk.

And snow is tricky… kind of depends on how much snow there is and how packed it is. If the snow is very hard packed then you can walk on it just fine regularly but if it’s deep and soft you’ll likely be stuck at waist level without some snow shoes.

I think it would be awesome. Would be great for having secret places to hide stuff. Abseil into secret hidey spot, leave rope there to get back out, hide stuff, get back out, pull rope back up…people would actually have to full on stalk you to learn your hiding spots.

I doubt it will get implemented but I still think it’s a cool idea.

Could implement some kind of button mashing mini-challenge while climbing where failure = +%slip or +%fall, with better quality tools increasing grip, speed, and decreasing mini-challenge difficulty

could always make it consume moderate amounts of stamina too. that paired with a fall risk % might balance it out:)

i see lots of metal an upgraded pick that mines faster … why does it look so much like an ice pick

it looks great!

It needn’t be functionally different from our current pick, just made from different materials that may be more or less common depending on environment.