NEW - Totally Badass Weapon >:D

Oh Ye' I went thar

Just a weapon I made to exercise my ol’ skillz xD n to test if was gonna let me upload my crap

Hexed and Standalone, Will not replace any weapons

Uploaded with

I would like to know why I could upload this weapon, but I couldnt upload my Combat SMG pack :S

It's 38mb and will upload to other file sharing websites, please help meh to help u

Those of you who rated "Dumb"I thank you

I think this should also be posted on furry forums.

On-topic: Awsome!

So you changed the color of the gun and copypasted Hello Kitty onto it?

No the gun is completely pink, cube_mapped so it reflects the lighting on the map. and has a hello kitty on the handle.

Parody uploads are just as dumb as normal crappy uploads.

Yup, you definitly know what your talking about :slight_smile:

read the writing on the picture before leaving dumb comments.


Besides this download is for awesome people, you seriously need to stop being robo-quality and hang loose and be different instead of “Everything I do and say is correct, My opinion will greatly effect this thread”.

Funny Shit :slight_smile:


So you didnt like the Hax swep? bet you downloaded it.

I don’t download addons.

Wow, you must be so much better than the rest of us. Naw, that was mean. But you do sound like a twat.

Anyways, I wouldn’t class this weapon as badass. But it does have a nice model, you obviously put a lot of effort into that. I’d only class a weapon as badass if it did something special, like the Punisher or the vapor gun.

“Badass” was sarcasm it was a double pun against the actual shed loads of crap being uploaded to :smiley: thanks !!


So you didn’t need to comment on this thread or release then did you?, because it doesn’t concern you, Am I right?

LOLOLOL I love your comments, day er stupiv drule everywhere uncontrollably

no offense cork-meister :smiley:


its ok

You mean that 20 second swep that you get bored with after 20 seconds?

Wow you are really funny.

Looks like someone can’t take criticism


Is your age a single digit?

Dont mock CoolCorky bro.

Sure Ok


I’m 17 :D? is your age a single digit?

It seems nobody realises that I released a stupid download to mock all the other crap being uploaded.

:smiley: I love the gmod community xD

So in other words, you’re trolling? Like a 12 year old? Or is that a shitty excuse to escape the situation?

I dont actually understand why anyone is getting ratty, yes I’m 17, no I am not trolling, I made this weapon for a laugh.


you dont like it? dont download it, problem solved :slight_smile: