Howdy Peeps,

I was thinking about a new trap that i think should be implanted into Rust.
There are loads of barrels found in every map, I guess it would be awsome to trick other players with an EXPLOSIVE BARREL.

What do you need to create it?

-250 X Metal Fragments
-10 X Explosives

And a little mark on the side wich will tell its a fake one.

I’m dying to know what u guy’s think of this Idea

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it’s damn expensive though :d that thing has to be much cheaper for anybody to bother making it

The barrels are just placeholders and will be replaced later. Still a fun idea.

Can allways adjust the amount of crafting it.
And in the placeholder will change we can change the explosive aswel.

Frankly its no different then somebody placing bear traps all over the place. Some people place bear traps hidden next to a camp fire or a chest.

The game is already hell to get the essential BP’s ( lets not count plane drops as those are a lot of time mostly big group battles ), let alone having exploding barrels.

Another way to grief players.

i like the idea of exploding traps.

I like this idea, it would be great for keeping people of your property xD

that’s why you use a bow to break the barrels

Just saw this on the unity forum and fell quite in love with it and it seems quite simple.

Craftingrecipe -100 X Metal Fragments , -15 X Explosives
Maybe a function to disarm it and pick it up if you find it hidden in the sand or dirt :slight_smile:

What do you think about it guys?


I really love this community, all those different answers.
But i would love to have more reaction on this topic.
So are there more players who would like to leave some feedback?

Yep, and then everyone would only use a bow for barrel hunting. This would render these traps as useless.

I guess not everyone is using it, am using it sinds now :wink:
(Btw in my opinion, an arrow should not penetrate barrels)

Nevermind the barrel, tell me more about the Chicken-Cactus trap on the right!

Seriously, if we get petards then perhaps they could take the shape/texture of barrels. It would make sense to have more than one way of detonating them (timer, blunt impact or shot from afar like in Jaws), then it’s up to you if you want to take the “hit”, so to speak.

Yeah 'cause landmines are so fun…

Bear traps are in game because they are outdated and illegal in many places, hence fair game in pop culture. Landmines are still blowing the limbs off of small kids in some places round the world, so the relative shitstorm created by their inclusion into Rust just wouldn’t be worth it.

Some tripwire as a trigger for stuff would be good, but this would just be annoying. Landmining someone else’s door while they go out and collecting all their resources when they return means: game=broken.

Has a video game ever gotten flack over using land mines? Games with them certainly have existed before…