New trello card Some features they are going to try

So just been on trello and found this.

I am pretty stoked to see fishing, farming and signs on there.

yeah i saw that too:) very happy for the fishing…that experimental terrain is just so stunning, i NEED to sit and fish by a campfire to it :smiley:

to be honest i was looking for a post where someone said something on the lines of " i want to sit and fish" but can’t remember which thread it was on. lol. it might have been you. was gonna share link and say YOUR WISH IS GRANTED.

Interesting. Although I find it bizarre that Garry is under the belief that having torches that can be placed on walls is instantly ‘Minecrafty’. -.- Was not aware that Minecraft invented that concept.

damned if i can remember where, but i’m sure i posted it:D i’m so going to be the random naked sitting fishing with no house just a sleeping bag and fireplace;)

my wish IS granted;D (pending development and all that)

Oh man, I’m so damn excited for the spear.

So these ideas can be combined. Farming implements have throughout history always yielded themselves to becoming weapons as well, scythes, hoes, shovels… They have practical functions but also good for murdering cavemen.

I can’t wait to have fishing competitions! Lets have lobster pots and nets aswell.

Nice to see they are adding a bunch of “PVE stuff” now. Most of the rust playerbase got attracted by the pvp style. I supose with those stuff they will get a lot of more people to the game. Especially those who were on the bridge thinking if it was worth buying or not.

Selling lobbies 200gp per! Another Runescape fan :). If they stick to semi realism throwing out lobster pots off a pier wont be very effective, you’ll have to build a boat and take it out to place your pots :).

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I think Rust has a TON of potential to be a great PVE game, it’s jsut that they havent had enough time to get into that part of the development with the recode and all that. Ive always felt like Rust has basically boiled down to a rob and murder simulator, which to me, really doesnt seem like it is Garrys end goal for this game.

I really hope that after this recode, that there will be some good alternatives to simply kos’ing everyone you meet. It really hurts some of the social aspects of the game when new folks basically spend hours starting over and over again because they keep getting kos’ed.

If they want to make the game a bit realistic, unlimited torches on walls are a bad idea, plus I don’t think it’s safe in a wood cabin…

It’s pretty easy to make a oil lamp in real life, you can use a bottle, or even a can of tuna :

Maybe the flame should work with decay. If the house begin to decay then the oil lamp will turn off with time. But you should be able to turn it off or on manually. (ex : if you want to fake an abandonned house)

What do you mean by “…unlimited torches…”? Garry specifically said their ‘current’ torches, which to me, implies that wall torches would eventually run out of fuel, just as the normal variant does.

Would be nice to have an oil lamp, though. Ultimately, it would be redundant, but would still be extremely nice just because it would give us an extra option for aesthetic purposes.

here are a couple of things

You just need the new sleeping bag And fish are you’re all set Mrknifey. lol

I not sure about the indoor torches, we have hand torch and exterior ground pole torches both the same design why would the internal torch be different? and it’s the most basic forms of transportable and controllable light.

i think oil or fat lamps should be a the second form of light you can make only if you find the correct vessel,

and i don’t know what garry is on about how could anyone say this is too minecrafty, unless we are going to get Lego brick monsters, or OXO cube monsters to fight with the spud mutants.

hmmm mash and gravy i know what i am having for tea

I think that what Garry means by “Minecrafty” torches is just sticking the torch directly to the wall at an angle. He probably wants to add a torch sconce or something

Damn, that is a pretty nice looking fishing pole for one made out of a stick. :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to fishing! Will be nice to have a possible easier source of food when starting off as a beginner.

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It is possible that is what he meant. I just remember he used that same logic for removing zombies, which was a bit asinine. Would have been better to just say he does not like the features personally, instead of making weird comparisons like these.

So talking about light and torches, I just wanted to share this podcast on the history of light. Essentially using methods such as torches, lamps, etc. an entire day’s work for most people couldn’t really buy you more than 10 or 20 minutes of light until the development of kerosene at which point an entire day’s work will get you about 5 hours of light. Now this is of course really interesting for a lot of reasons. But for gameplay obviously we’re going to cut corners, we’re not going to make someone spend 50% of a game day just to light his little one-room cabin for only 10% of the game night. That said, light should still be very expensive, night should be dark and rather frightening for most people as it was for the vast majority of human history until we got power plants and electric lights.

or maybe
Tallow created from animal hard fats, could be used to waterproof cloth or wood or to waterproof a boat instead of a dope, or make candles and the primary source is already in game (animals).

And about a flame arrow?

I think is a good idea, you can you can brighten the area around you and burn people :smiley:

Iv’e actually managed to do some fishing with a twig and some wire before so a simple stick with thread or a strong wire is definitely not moving away from realism here :stuck_out_tongue:

They discussed this on their trello a while back, it’d be sweet to have that as an option :smiley:

solar garden lights would be cool. not bright enough to shine light at anything but enough to find your way around in the dark