New ttt radar hack?

So on my server an admin spotted this during a screengrab. Notice the circular thing on the bottom.

The player claims it’s some kind of soundtrigger. Dunno what that is but we can’t find anything on nor anything that looks like it.

We took 5 or 6 screencaps in total all were the circle looks different. Our best guess it’s some kind of traitor radar but again we can’t find anything on it. Anyone have any idea what this actually is?

They’re not sound triggers looking at the placement; they seem to all be arrows pointing to an object, but with the timing you took the screenshots, it’s very hard to tell.

Found it. Republic of gamers sonic radar.

I don’t know if I should treat this as cheating

I would say it’s a mild advantage, but I wouldn’t call it cheating.

The alternative to this is spending $200 on a 7.1 surround sound headset where you can hear your enemy unzip their fly from across the map.

I don’t know why you’d install an external program that barely helps when you can just outright wallhack.

Some people honestly need a visual aid to replace sound, but don’t want to be seen as a cheater.

I myself would love that, I’m partially deaf.

Being deaf out of one hear my brother uses this, if he didnt he would be at a huge disadvantage.

I’m more surprised at the fact that you take pictures of the player’s screen more than anything, to me that’s worser than someone using a radar.

so long as he lets his players know that he is doing it (not in 2point font) i personally have no issue with it

I don’t see an issue with it as there is a very rare chance that any private information would be displayed. It is also possible that the addon being used will ignore steam overlay or when the window isn’t in focus, therefor preventing the aforementioned problem. Just like anti-cheats check for functions/files/hooks on a client, a screenshot addon can help check for visual aids.

I happen to know that addon. It doesn’t ignore the steam overlay, but it does ignore anything outside of the game.

OTHER Overlays excluded.

EDIT fuck me dead i shouldnt post so early in the morning

It’s not like it’s difficult to stop people doing it anyway, assuming the addon you use doesn’t copy render.Capture.
function render.Capture()
chat.AddText( “Someone tried to capture your screen!” )
return “goatse or something”
Alternatively you can just detour the net message.

Our server validates the function, if its overridden or isn’t as expected, they get kicked automatically.

It still can be overridden, just requires more work.

yes but lets be honest, who goes to the effort of bypassing this shit when your hacks come from mpgh

You can still detour the net message. But let’s be honest, most skids have no idea what those words even mean.