New type of bruteforce?

Saw a guy on the server I play on today and yesterday who was supposedly bruteforcing and changing people’s base locks in a very short space of time. Got one of them to bag me in and I haven’t seen or heard anything like it - He was able to break locks in a matter of minutes, and while he was going everyone near him lagged out (Couldn’t open chests, doors, see chat etc), as well as taking a pretty big FPS hit.

Short vid of the noise, which went on for a few mins until he got the code:

Never seen or heard of anything like this and a quick search turned up nothing, it was a vanilla server too. Sounded like he was trying them extremely fast without taking damage.

Anyone got any idea what this is?

probably a script hes running that tries all numeric combinations so he can get your code.

probably something for EAC and Facepunch team to look into, he shouldn’t be able to do thatlol

Wow, this looks really bad. What server was this on?

omg! real hacking in progress ! gee that very bad! Garry!!! mask codes!!

Doesn’t sound like a script.

I know they have been around for a while, but they are usually manual and relatively slow and you still take damage. This guy was getting doors so fast (Matter of minutes), he must have been trying between 10 and 20 codes a second, which means there was no way he was taking damage from it.

Isnt this easly countered by adding a 1 minute delay before you can try again after 3 failed attempts?

Happened today on Rustopia [EU/UK]. Some guy guessed 3 out of 4 codes to big clan base within 30 minutes. That’s a real problem now.

me and my clan do that on Rustopia EU/UK with 5man you get through the digits in like 10mins per player
raided toxic that way :smiley:

Idk, I like code locks because it is a legit raiding tactic, and it would suck to remove that.

There should just be a delay of how fast codes can be entered, which is realistically how fast a fast person can enter codes manually.

Or after 3 failed, it locks out for 10 minutes or more.