New type of Hacker´s How to ban

I´m new here before say how is that and how to ban i just wanna say that i have a server ( net.connect i see a lot of hackers usually they are americans maybe because we are brazillians and they hate us.

what hack?

Well, they kill everybody he get´s close, you just broke your legs and die and appears on screen that you suicide.

How to ban??

They have a anti-ban system and somethings like that, i have Oxide mod on my server, well i cant ban him through id or nick, or i can´t tp(teleport) to him and can´t kick , you need to record his Steamid64 go to the Ftp on your server and add this to your banlist and then restart the server, it´s boring but is the only way.

How to get his steamid64?

You can type (has admin) status on F1 will show to you, or go to steam (in-game) show all players enter on his profile, i use a steam converter he convert his steamid or his community profile into steamid64. (Have others by i use this one,

hope that i help


turn off fall damage.

Or you could just disable fall damage to disable the hack entirely.

or just disable fall damage until its fixed!

funy because i’m brazilian, i also rented a server but most of people that i’d banned for hacking were brazilians.

also you can kick/ban more easily than the way you’re doing.

1 - shift + tab to see steam stuff

2 - under players you’ll see something like “all friends” “view players”, one of them open your friend list, another one opens a pop up where you can see players in “current game” and also in “recent history”. so you can search the offender there

3 - click to open his steam profile

4 - on his profile right click and select the option “copy URL”

5 - paste the url into some steamid converter, like

6 - copy steamid64

7 - F1 to open the console

8 - banid ‘paste steamid64’ - hit enter

9 - kick ‘beggining of his nick’

that works if people don’t have weird signals/oriental characters on the beggining of his nick name. if the guy has a weird nick yes, you must restart the server after ban, because you won’t be able to kick him.