New Type of Roleplay?

First of all, yes, this is an edit of DarkRP. However, I think it is major enough to not be passed off as shit instantly.

I’m getting the hang of how DarkRP works, and I started to plan out an edit that is fundamentally different than vanilla. I’ll give you a basic synopsis:

  1. Jobs: Jobs would be based on “careers”. You would start on the lowest rung of a career, and gain Experience by performing actions relevant to that career. For example, Player wants to become a “s0uper 1337 marine guy” one day. He’d have to get into the Military Career first, and that means starting with the bottom rung. This could be something like Thug or Bouncer. After gaining Experience in a combat skill (Guns or Hand-to-Hand), he could “level up” and become a security guard. This would continue until his goal was reached (with maybe some specialization along the way). The same applies for other careers.

  2. Production: It would no longer be possible for finished goods to be conjured out of thin air. Instead, they must go through a simple production pipeline. For example, Player has decided to be a gun dealer so he can sell 1337 h@x n00bt00bs. However, he cannot get a shipment, per say, of 5 shotguns. He needs to purchase them from a gunsmith (who can create but not legally sell guns) and then sell them on to his customers. The gunsmith also can produce parts from using raw metal in a Lathe and then assembling the parts into various weapons.

  3. Punishment: Most crimes (like petty theft or fist-fighting) would be punished with a fine and a warning. However, for major (like murder, grand larceny, fraud) or repeated crimes, long prison terms would be handed out. These would range from 10 minutes to an hour. This may seem harsh, but is necessary to a) stop griefers from repeatedly doing crime and b) add some excitement into the process of evading capture.

Those are some of the major points I have. What would you think about a gamemode with these qualities?

Edit of DarkRP = Shit

‘These would range from 10 minutes to an HOUR’

You could write up a script that bans players that disconnect for the remainder of their alloted jail time. That might solve that issue. I reckon this sounds doable, and I encourage anyone trying ti improve roleplay for Garry’s Mod, but you’d need a fucking great community and some hard workers and helpers.

Good luck though, hope you see this through.

Thanks for the support, I’ll try my best to finish this.

Darkrp edits = Not cool. It’s fail, either make a gamemod or find somthing else to edit

So true, but I like the job idea


Stop editing DarkRP; it is very easy to make your own Roleplay gamemode with the things DarkRP has.

Not only is DarkRP poorly written and difficult to read, it is a very generic and as common as grass. If you want to contribute anything, learn how to make your own gamemode from the ground up. Then you’ll have actually accomplished something worth while.

Factories and production is coming in SeriousRP. I’m working on the organizations system at the moment, doors are already complete, but there’s loads more to be done.