New UI concept

A few concepts for Mouse & Keyboard UI.[/t] [t][/t]

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That looks really cool.

Looks very nice :yarr:

The Facepunch studio has a very gifted designers. I think it will be cool.
Personally I like the UI as in Stalker game. Strict and creative.

Will we have new crafting requirements as well ( according to the last pic.)?

Tab system and drop-down lists is very interesting.

Bit too clean imo.

What is in the last picture? I dont get it.

-snip been added by op-

I love these ideas. Search bar for crafting is really helpful.

thanks :wink:

Links have restricted access so arn’t able to be opened for full images. I like the UI however would like to just ask that you look at the building UI from Tropico 4. It’s a very simple UI for crafting as it displays the item image and allows for quickly finding what you want and removes the entire mundane list view. Just a thought for some inspiration if you guys want to freshen up the UI.

looks cool. It should be much easier to find something you want to craft. Can’t wait to try it

And you’re linking the storage boxes.

Damn really ><

I’m a little iffy on the look of the hot bar but the rest of it looks fantastic. Easy to look at, simple to understand, and improved utility. I love it!

Agreed hotbar needs more transparency and possibly a slight recolour to brown. Although a simple slider or color selector to change the background of UI would be awesome.

Why are you double posting this?

I’ve just updated the firt post with Lubstar’s help.

I like it. It brings out the inner Minecraft…

Nice, it’s simple and clear. Maybe they should add a bit of transparency, with a blur effect like that :

Just in order to see if something is moving in front of you when you are crafting. (it’s my photoshop day)