New UK Arena-PvP Server (29/03/2014) - Admins needed


Arena - Deathmatch, Gun Games, Last Man Standing
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We will be looking for active, friendly players to join as admins so we can keep the Arena Games live 24-7

As the server is completely new there are currently no bases anywhere. We will be looking for players to help build interesting settlements and bases for raid challenges.

So far we have built a small arena next to small rad town, large arena in hacker valley middle, and a very large tower (still under construction) next to big rad town. Arena games are already available at both arenas.

At the moment we have no rules and we are just looking for players to come and have fun and get building. Once we have a community established we will aim to set more raid challenges with big loot prizes and random loot drops hidden around the map.

Any feedback and ideas for developing the server are very welcome

Earn supply signals for recruiting new players

The building projects are all going well and we are starting to get some nice looking bases popping up. The admins are working on some raidable buildings with loot prizes stashed deep inside. Supply signals still available for new players that join before the end of the week.

Next 10 players to join the server will get enough materials to build a small metal base or a bolt action rifle and full leather armour.

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The server population is picking up now and we ran our first Arena games yesterday. We will put up more pics later of the arenas and hopefully a vid of some action.

Join us now and start building before all the good spots get taken!

Vote for us to earn in game rewards!

We will be testing the Arena Mods today and giving away big loot prizes. Supply signals still available for new players

The Arenas all seem to be working great and we’ve built a western style town out in the wastelands so players can head out and settle their beefs the old fashioned way, with a good old showdown at noon!

Prizes will be awarded for Arena matches and there are still many raidable buildings with lots of loots stashed away.

Vote for us at to earn supply signals!

Do you still needs admin to help moderate the server?