New UK GmodRP/Stranded server - Blackvine Gaming server
We run GmodRP and Stranded. We do run build occasionally too, but overall we go with what the players on at the time want.

We’re currently running Hometown2000, GmodRP, and gms_rollinghills on Stranded. It is a 16 man server, though depending on popularity we will subtract player slots from our Team Fortress 2 server to increase it.

We have a FastDownload, but it may take a while to join cause we still have some build addons on there. If anyone joins and can’t get on due to mass downloads, add me to steam friends ([BVG] TrueNash) and tell me what you’ve got to download that isn’t related to the RP and I’ll remove it for future.

Any map suggestions, let me know.

Just incase you don’t have the map or want the gamemode -